Haptic Gloves for VR Training


BeBop Sensors, the leader in smart fabric sensor technology with over four million state-of-the-art wearable smart fabric sensors shipped, announced today the new BeBop Sensors Forte Data Glove Enterprise Edition, the first all-day affordable high-performance wireless VR/AR haptic glove built for business. Targeted to the enterprise market, the ultra-comfortable one-size-fits-all Forte Data Glove Enterprise Edition provides true real-time haptic feedback that lets users “feel” textures and surfaces and move digital objects around as if they existed in real life. Currently used by Fortune 500 customers, Forte Data Glove Enterprise Edition’s applications include Virtual Reality enterprise training, VR medical trials/rehabilitation, robotics, and drone control, VR CAD design and review, and more. 
Based on the award-winning BeBop Sensors Forte Wireless Data Glove, the first fully-featured affordable wireless data glove to incorporate haptics and super accurate rapid sensing, the new BeBop Sensors Forte Data Glove Enterprise Edition is now faster, with an under 6 millisecond response time and all-day battery life. The enterprise glove now also features a more comfortable design to fit most everyone, and incorporates more powerful haptics for truly intuitive hand interactions that “feel” different textures, with a realistic experience when touching a table or robot versus a piece of velvet, or a person’s face – resulting in far more accurate and immersive experience.



  • 160 frames per second data rate eliminates lag for instantaneous response times, perfect for the most demanding enterprise applications.
  • 10 smart fabric bend sensors located above each knuckle provide bend accuracy and repeatability at +/- 1.5 degrees.
  • 9 degree IMU (Inertial Measurement Units) provide extremely low drift and reliable pre-blended accelerometer and gyro sensor data.
  • 6 haptic actuators are located on 4 fingertips, the thumb, and the palm.
  • Up to 16 unique haptic sound files can be resident on the glove with new files rapidly uploaded over Bluetooth or USB. 
  • Micro USB-C connector charges the internal lithium battery in 2 hours for all-day battery life. 
  • Accuracy and precision are provided by proprietary finger bend sensors with an under 6 millisecond response time.
  • Universal support for a variety of development environments (Unity, Unreal, Windows API, Java Support, and more).
  • Quick and easy integration within hours with an API and documentation.
  • Calibration in under 5 seconds.

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Amclaussen, Engineering, R&D, Design & Technical Management
One thing I just Don't understand: As far as I know, companies like Disney, PIXAR and others that make animated movies, have been using Virtual Reality for many years.. while we at engineering companies are still using old "Mouse and Keypad" technologies for drawing and making CAD... Our models are crude and still baldly representing the "real" 3D while using FLAT monitors... As an old school engineer, I would LOVE to have a full complement of computer aids, that I could handle and master through a full set of VR Visor, Haptic Gloves and a Haptic floormat, so that I could inmerse completely inside a 3D simulation where, for example, I could "grab" a certain structural element in a complex structure, and change its position instantly, so that the computer would calculate and solve all the structural calculations instantly! In that way, engineers could instantly see and check the effects of changes, thus leading to better, easily optimized designs. Amclaussen, Chemical Engineer with 40+ years in design and construction of petroleum installations, presently working at Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Mexico City.