Hard Metal Coating Strippers


A new line of strippers for soak bath processes, that strip wear-resistant coatings to permit re-coats and extend tool life, has been introduced by Technotrade International, Inc. of Manchester, Massachusetts.

Deconex® De-Coat Metal Coating Strippers remove specific types of coatings such as TiN, TiCN, CrN, AlTiN and TiAIN-multilayer coatings on carbides, carbide composites, HSS, PM, and other tool steels to allow multiple re-coats. Suitable for use in cold- or hot-process baths, applications include forming tools, drill bits, end mills, hobs, cutting inserts, pins, punches, and bushings.

Extending the useful life of wear-resistant parts, Deconex® De-Coat Metal Coating Strippers are highly concentrated; typically 3 to 5% dilution. While allowing tools and high-wear parts to be stripped and re-coated several times, these strippers protect the integrity of the base materials.

Deconex® De-Coat Metal Coating Strippers are priced from $9.95 per kg, depending upon formulation and quantity; offered in 1 to 200 kg sizes. Free samples are available upon request.
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