Hardened Steel Linear Rail System


LM76 has introduced their DEFENDER 1 Nitride-Plus Linear RailTM (LMNP Series) roller block and rail system.  This Nitride Plus hardened linear rail and roller block system is strong, corrosion resistant, low cost, and easy to install.  Designed for long life even in high speed and high cycling applications, the DEFENDER 1 Nitride-Plus Linear Rail and roller block system TM is ideal for: Medical, pharmaceutical and food processing applications, assembly, packaging equipment, draw and rack glides, sliding doors, and other high cycle linear motion applications.

The bearing rails are hardened steel with a Nitride-Plus coating for extended life and superior corrosion protection.  Each three bearing roller block or slider unit is 80 mm (3.15 inches) long, and is available in 300 series stainless steel (LMBX) or zinc plated (LMBZ). The hardened 52100 bearing steel rollers have lubricated for life bearings with ZZ seals and can be washed down. The slider’s center bearing is mounted on an eccentric shaft for adjusting the preload.  The cross section of the compact bearing and slider is only 26 mm x .22 mm (1.02 in. x .866 in.). 

The harden steel Nitride-Plus coated rails are available in lengths of 1040 mm (40.94 in.), 1520 mm (59.84 in.), 2080 mm (81.89 in.), and 3120 mm (122.83 in.) or in cut to order sizes.


  • corrosion resistant
  • easy to install
  • long life even in high speed and high cycling applications
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