Hazardous Duty Plugs/Receptacles


Meltric Corporation announced that its product line of hazardous duty rated plugs/receptacles, the DXN Series, has been improved with horsepower ratings, as well as other improvements including a new pawl, gasket, casing material and a lid to further enhance the durability and watertightness of the product line.

Horsepower-rated connecting devices, such as Meltric’s DXN Series plugs/receptacles, not only have enhanced electrical performance improvements over standard-rated devices, they can also simplify a motor connection installation since they meet NEC’s requirements for cord- and plug-connected motors.

With horsepower ratings, Meltric’s DXN Series plugs/receptacles are now an even better choice for permanent or temporary motor connections in hazardous locations. DXN-connected motors can be safely and easily disconnected or reconnected, and configured for in-line, cord-to-cord connections. They simplify the connection and disconnection of power so motors can be changed out more quickly and downtime on critical equipment can be minimized.



  • Ideal for motor connections up to 10HP, 600V, 60A Improved casings & pawls
  • More robust, dimensionally stable, watertight
  • Push button circuit disconnection
  • Code compliant for use as a motor connector.
  • CSA and ATEX rated for use in Zones 1 and 2 (gas) and Zones 21 and 22 (dust)
  • Silver-nickel butt-style contact technology to maximize durability and performance
  • Dead-front construction to assure electrical safety by preventing user access to live parts
  • Available in in-line and wall/panel mounted configurations
  • IP66+IP67 ratings
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