Hazardous Location Relay Module


Via internal system voltage, WAGO Corporation’s new 2-Channel Relay Output Module directly activates Intrinsically Safe circuits, powering actuators in hazardous locations. Unlike traditional solid-state hazardous location relays, the unique 750-538 carries two changeover contacts for activating Zone 0/20 and 1/21 devices, e.g., relays, solenoid valves, contactors or optical/acoustic signal generators. This supports diverse hazardous location applications in oil/gas processing, wastewater treatment, brewing/distillation and more. The electro-mechanical 750-538’s switching voltage/current is rated 125 VAC/0.5 A and 30 VDC/1 A; the maximum permissible limits depend on the actuator's location per EN 60079-11. 750-538’s Normal Open (NO) contacts are electrically isolated; on-board LEDs indicate relay switching status. To ensure connection reliability within operating temperatures of 0°C to +60°C, 750-538 employs CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Technology. 750-538 joins WAGO’s growing EX i portfolio of nearly 20 Intrinsically Safe Modules and power supplies. Highly modular digital, analog and specialty modules are available 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-channels — users only purchase the I/O needed. All EX i devices are compatible with WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM buscouplers, PLCs and IPCs. 

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is designed for non-hazardous areas or in Zone 2/22. It integrates Zone 0/22 and 1/21-based sensors and actuators via intrinsically safe Ex i modules without additional devices (e.g., Zener barriers). This safely and economically brings standard fieldbus technology to Ex i applications, befitting process (grain/coal mills, bio-gas/cement plants) and energy industries (petroleum production). 


  • activates Intrinsically Safe circuits
  • modules are available with 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-channels
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