HazMat Stations Provide for Secured, Exterior Storage and Dispensing of Small Volumes of Chemicals


DENIOS, the leading manufacturer of engineered storage and containment equipment for hazardous processes and materials, has developed a complete line of HazMat Stations. DENIOS HazMat Stations are designed to provide a safe, secure environment for storage, dispensing, and mixing of small volumes of chemicals. Featuring a weather-proof, lockable hinged lid and doors, they provide personnel easy access to the tops of drums and other stored chemicals for dispensing and mixing operations. When dispensing, any spills or drips are contained by a built-in, compliant spill sump. The durable HazMat Stations are constructed of heavy gauge welded steel and have a galvanized grating above the sump. They can accommodate up to four, 55 gallon drums and are available with optional shelving/dispensing packages. Easily relocated by forklift, HazMat Stations are appropriate for placement inside and outdoors.
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