HD Touch Screen Monitor


TRU-Vu Monitors has just released a new 18.5” HD Touch Screen Monitor in an integrated 19” Rack Mount housing. The new RMTR-18.5M HD Touch Screen is the ideal interface solution for industrial, manufacturing, process monitoring, machine vision and control room projects. Unlike typical retail/consumer grade displays, the RMTR-18.5M monitors are built with industrial-grade components to industrial quality standards.  They are designed to withstand demanding environments, and will operate 24/7/365. The high-end 18.5” LCD panels deliver brilliant, full color HD images in a 16:9 widescreen format.  

The 5-wire resistive touch screen delivers extremely accurate and repeatable touch points; it can be activated via bare or gloved fingers, stylus or other input devices.  It has a dual interface controller, for USB or RS-232 connection. The RMTR-18.5M features a DVI connector.  VGA and HDMI video inputs are also compatible via optional adapters.  Power voltage is 12 VDC; the included 90-240 VAC power brick also enables direct connection to 120 VAC outlet power.  A DVI cable is also included. The entire monitor assembly is encased in a rugged, powder-coated steel rack mount enclosure.  It is 7U high, and fits into any standard 19-inch rack. The RMTR-18.5M Rack Mount Touch Screen Monitor can be customized to meet your application requirements:  from video inputs, LCD panel type and power voltage to additional features and custom functionality, the RMTR-18.5M can be modified to your exact specifications.  It can also be private-labeled with your company name, logo and unique model number.


  • industrial-grade components
  • brilliant, full color HD images
  • 16:9 widescreen format

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