Headset Blocks Noise, But Not Alarms


In environments where loud or sharp noises are present, workers need hearing protection that helps protect against hazardous noises, but also minimizes over-protection to help worker hear warning signals, alarms, or other sounds in machines and processes. The 3M PELTOR ProTac III Headset allows workers to do both by monitoring the surrounding environment and automatically adjusting the amount of attenuation when hazardous noises are present.


Features include:
·    Lightweight, stainless steel wire headband for durability
·    Rugged, dual-shell design to protect the electronics from moisture
·    User-friendly controls. No dials
·    Ability to connect with smart phones, radios, shoulder mics or other external devices (listening only, audio cable available separately)
·    Replaceable cushions and foam liners (hygiene kit available separately)
·    Noise attenuating ear cups to provide hearing protection in environments with potentially hazardous noise
·    A full one-year product warranty

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