STEINEL announces the launch of its Professional Heat Blower Series. These tools feature a powerful air delivery rate up to 23 CFM. Applications like window tinting, packaging, shrink wrapping, thawing pipes, and working with plastics are completed much more effectively with the STEINEL blower. Brian Rodriguez, Vice President of Research and Development from Shaded Industries Inc. raves “STEINEL Heat Blowers will improve the speed and efficiency for my window tinting company. The high air volume and color coded temperature keys will make it easy to pick the right temperature every time.” STEINEL Heat Blowers include color coded keys. Each key locks in a specific temperature range varying from 200°F – 1200°F. Supervisors are able to verify at a glance the correct temperature is being used. The fully adjustable stand supports the blower during bench work and stores temperature keys when not in use. STEINEL Heat Blowers also offer a lightweight well balanced design to reduce fatigue during long term hand held use. These durable blowers feature a long life heating element that takes only seconds to change and a maintenance free factory sealed motor. The versatility of the heat blower is enhanced by a variety of available accessories including a 7mm Reducer, 200mm Spreader, Large Reflector and Small Reflector. Steve Dugan, President of STEINEL, claims “This is going to be the hottest tool on the market.”


• Dimensions (h x w x d) - 9 1/2” x 5” x 9 1/2” • Weight - 2.4 lbs • Voltage - 120 VAC / 60 Hz • Output - 1750 W • Temperature - 200 °F - 1200 °F (all five keys) • Airflow rate - Up to 23 CFM, adjustable with baffle
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