Ideal for bonding and potting applications up to 250° F, Devcon HP 250             high-performance epoxy adhesive is resistant to heat, chemicals, and impact.
With a viscosity of 105,000 cps, HP 250 is a thixotropic paste that offers excellent gap filling and will not sag or run when used on vertical or inverted surfaces.  It cures at room temperature and produces high-strength, durable, nonshrinking bonds to a wide array of substrates, including metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, composites, concrete, and wood.  It has a working time of 65 minutes and a functional cure time of 24 hours.  Tensile shear strength (as tested on steel) is 3200 psi.  Peel strength is 35-40 pli.
A pioneer in epoxy adhesive technology, Devcon offers the most technically advanced epoxy adhesives and application systems.  Available in a wide range of viscosities, pot lives, open times, and cure times for virtually any application, these toughened epoxies have outstanding environmental and chemical resistance.  Devcon adhesive dispensing options include small Dev-Tubes,™ manual and pneumatic dispensing guns that use convenient prefilled cartridges, and advanced meter-mix systems.


* Gap-filling thixotropic paste * Heat resistant to 250°F * Long working time [60-65 minutes] * Must use [#14410] manual gun for 400ml size (#14415) * Must use [#74001] manual gun for the 50 ml size * Bonds to plastics
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