Heat Stress: Preventative Measures Video/DVD Training Program


Heat kills an average of 500 people in the United States each year and is often overlooked as a root cause of injuries and death in the workplace.  It is not just workers performing jobs outdoors under the sun who are at risk, but those working indoors around boilers, steel, and many manufacturing processes as well.  Summit introduces its latest release Heat Stress: Preventative Measures in Video and DVD to ensure that these hazardous injuries are avoided at any worksite.
This program covers:
What is Heat Stress?
Preparing for Heat
Heat Stress Disorders and their Health Effects
Safe Work Practices
Heat exposure can quickly lead to dangerous stress disorders, but through proper training workers can take the preventative measures to maintain their health and safety on the job. This comprehensive and informative training program will keep any workers attention with scenes that create awareness of the potential dangers of heat in their work environment. 
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