HeatBank™ Earth Thermal Heating Cables and Mats Lower Energy Demands


By converting "off-peak" electrical energy into a reservoir of radiant heat stored within a building's foundation, EasyHeat's HeatBank™ mats and cables allow commercial and industrial businesses to significantly lower their energy bills. Once stored, this uniform, non-drying heat radiates throughout the building during "peak" energy periods as a cost-saving, eco-friendly supplement to standard heating systems.

HeatBank cables and mats are placed into the sand bed beneath a building's concrete floor slabs. The rugged dual-conductor storage cable is UL Listed for earth thermal storage applications. Each heating zone requires an adjustable sensing thermostat to control floor temperature at an appropriate setting, and a pre-set thermostat to ensure heating cable temperature does not exceed design requirements. Nominal output of the cable is only 8W per foot.
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