Heater Product Catalog Provides the Most Complete Industry Offerings Available


Watlow® has released its new “Simply the Best Heating Solutions” product catalog. With more than 85 years of experience in developing and manufacturing heaters, Watlow provides the industry’s most complete selection of products to serve diverse customer needs.  

The catalog includes descriptions and specifications for the full line of Watlow’s electric industrial heaters to fit a wide scope of applications and needs. Opening the catalog, a heater selection matrix describes eight heater types and their applications. A new extended capabilities category, available for higher volume orders, presents unique heaters or heater configurations that exceed traditional catalog product capabilities.  


“Watlow’s heater catalog provides the most complete line of industrial heater products available to serve the largest variety of customer needs. Our unparalleled product offerings enable us to craft a catalog that addresses the needs of all of our customers regardless of their size or the uniqueness of their requirements” said Ray Derler, Watlow’s Director of Marketing.
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