As an extensive lineup of induction heating devices designed to meet the application needs of installation and mounting professionals, the HEATER series includes HEATER-SMART and HEATER-BASIC. The HEATER-series mounting tools enable uniform, controlled, and gentle heating of workpieces for consistently high assembly quality.


Available in tabletop and floor-standing versions, these induction heaters can be used to heat workpieces ranging in weight between 44 to 3,527 lb. (20 to 1,600 kg). To ensure the correct heater is used for its intended application, each model’s designation clearly identifies its maximum workpiece capacity. The heating process is controlled via a durable membrane keypad that is convenient to operate even when used in a busy manufacturing environment. To ensure maximum handling ease for installation and mounting professionals, these mobile heaters are equipped with an ergonomic swivel arm.


SMART-series heaters feature the Delta-T control system, which enables rolling bearings – particularly those with a low radial clearance – to be optimally heated. Using Delta-T, the mounting professional independently controls two separate temperature sensors, one for the inner and one for the outer ring, to safely heat the workpiece with no loss in quality. After the heating temperature and maximum temperature differential have been selected on the device, the temperature difference is continuously monitored during the heating phase. Should this difference approach the maximum value too quickly, the device will automatically reduce power. In addition, SMART-series heaters can precisely document the heating process.


  • Heats workpieces ranging in weight between 44 to 3,527 lb. (20 to 1,600 kg)
  • Controlled via a durable membrane keypad
  • Equipped with an ergonomic swivel arm
  • SMART-series heaters feature the Delta-T control system
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