Heating Mantles Heat and Stir Simultaneously


BriskHeat introduces its newest line of metal-housed heating mantles, now with a built-in magnetic stirring function. The mantles are equipped with magnetic stirrers, designed to uniformly heat round-bottom flasks while stirring the contents. The superior durability and sturdiness of the table-top design provides an easy-to-use all-in-one unit with safety, performance, and reliability in mind.


A wide variety of industries including manufacturing, education, chemistry, biology, research, and many others have laboratories with processes that often involve the heating of liquids. Round-bottom flasks are used because they have more surface area, however, careful planning is required to stabilize the flask and keep it upright and safe during use. In addition to requiring heat, many of the liquids must be stirred throughout the heating process.


BriskHeat offers a complete line of laboratory heating solutions, including heating mantles and other laboratory heaters and controllers, all designed to meet the unique needs of the customer. Custom solutions are also available.


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