Heavy-Duty Ball Lock Pins


FEATURES: Similar to our standard single-acting Ball Lock Pins, except with a larger, heavier handle for rough service. Available only in stainless steel. Handles are made of solid stainless steel for maximum impact strength (high-strength reinforced plastic optional), and are specially shaped to prevent accidentally pressing the release button. Made in USA.


SIZES: Choice of four handle styles: T, L, Button, and Ring. Available in the following pin diameters, each in a choice of many standard grip lengths — see Dimensions page for part numbers:

 3/16 5mm
 1/4 6mm
 5/16 8mm
 3/8 10mm
 1/2 12mm

Available from stock only in standard grip lengths (not made to order).

OPTIONAL PLASTIC HANDLE (DISCONTINUED): While supplies last, pins are optionally available with a high-strength reinforced plastic handle for lower cost. Add "-S" to the part number for a stainless handle, add "-P" for plastic:

 CL-4-BLHR-1.50-S (stainless handle)
 CL-4-BLHR-1.50-P (plastic handle)

OPTIONAL CABLE: To order pins with a standard cable assembly attached (#2 cable size, 12" long, with a terminal at the free end for a #10 or M5 attachment screw), add "-C" to the part number:


MATERIAL (STAINLESS HANDLE): Shank > 17-4PH stainless, heat treated Rc 40 min. Spindle > 17-4PH stainless. Handle > 17-4PH stainless. R-handle ring > 302 stainless. Head and button > 303 stainless steel. Collar > 300-series stainless. Spring and ring > 17-7PH/302 stainless. Balls > 440C stainless. Note: alternative materials listed here are manufacturing options, not customer options.

MATERIAL (PLASTIC HANDLE): Same as above except handle is made of reinforced composite resin plastic (green).

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