Heavy-Duty Carts


All of CECOR's heavy-duty carts can be paired with CECOR's dumping frame (sold separately) for elevated, rotational dumping of fully loaded carts. CECOR’s dumping frame is a unique product to the material-handling industry. The dumping frame is secured to an overhead hook hoist or forklift truck. The frame is then secured to the CECOR cart by the cart’s trunnion pins (equipped standard), which can be adjusted to accommodate load weights from light and bulky to heavy and dense. When the loaded cart is ready to be emptied, the operator simply pulls on a lanyard, which triggers a spring on the frame that overturns and rotates the cart 360 degrees for thorough emptying. The now-empty cart easily returns to an upright position for return to the ground. Easy and safe for the worker. No more back-breaking work manually unloading full carts that are too heavy to move, lift or tilt. No mess, no fuss.

CECOR offers other dumping methods as well. Some carts can be equipped with tee cleats for hydraulic dumping systems. If you have a rotatable fork system, some carts can be equipped with stationary fork pockets for dumping from a fork truck. CECOR also offers a line of tilt trucks for manual dumping at the floor or dock level. CECOR carts are designed smarter to make better use of the cube so they take up less floor space. Their carts can hold the same cubic yard of materials as other carts in the industry, but their carts are more efficiently designed to fit better, tighter and more easily under and around machine tools and other plant equipment.

CECOR carts maximize capacity while minimizing footprint. CECOR carts are at home in tough environments. Built to withstand punishing service,they are made of heavy-gauge steel with fully-welded seams that don’t leak, melt, split, burn or bulge. Choose from combinations of profiles, capacities, load ratings, bin dimensions, lip heights, dumping methods and options. Durable construction, depth of experience, unique dumping system, smart design and variety make CECOR carts the choice for many facilities and plants.


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