Heavy Duty Clear Penetrating Grease


CRC introduces Heavy Duty Clear Penetrating Grease, a high-tack, heavy duty clear penetrating gel that provides superior lubrication to extend service life of equipment. It withstands high pressure and temperatures from -30° to 500° F and it will not break down, harden or separate. Clear Penetrating Grease contains PTFE which reduces friction, galling and scarring.

Heavy Duty Clear Penetrating Grease is waterproof so it prevents corrosion. It is resistant to acids, alkalis, salt, oxidation, weather and steam, It’s deep penetrating formula quickly thickens to form a tenacious, long-lasting film. Use it on gears, sprockets, hinges, chains, cable, wire rope, slides, valves, pistons, rings, seals, bearings, sleeves, cams and bushings.

CRC Heavy Duty Clear Penetrating Grease is available in a 20 oz. aerosol can (part # 03056.) Our patented M.S.D.[L.]™, a current MSDS, is printed on the reverse side of the product label. It stays right on the can- where you need it and provides instant access to current safety information.
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