Heavy-Duty End Rider


Yale Materials Handling Corporation’s new hardworking, heavy duty MPE060-080VG end rider series is the solution for the most demanding application needs. Rigorously engineered to withstand heavier duty cycles, the new MPE060-080VG series with a capacity range of 6,000 – 8,000 lbs., meets customer needs in extreme operating conditions.

“Yale understands that lift truck purchasers want a world-class product partnered with a low cost of ownership,” said Lou Micheletto, warehouse products manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “We’re confident that the MPE060-080VG series can go head-to-head with any truck in the industry.”

As a result of smart engineering, the meticulously designed MPE060-080VG series’ undercarriage has been enhanced with more robust tie bars, frame sections, linkages, casters and bearings to provide greater strength and stability. That equates to steadier load handling, longer up time and greater durability.

Reinforced with 25 percent more steel, the MPE060-080VG series’ forks are designed to provide superior pallet entry and exit. The fork tips are specifically designed for smooth pallet entry. Increasing fork-pallet interlocking pressure by 500 percent helps to secure the pallet to the floor and allows for successful first-attempt pallet exit. The increased exit roller size reduces a pallet’s tendency to drag on exit.

The MPE’s new metal handle will save valuable seconds of pick time and increase floor and low-level picking efficiency with the Smart Coast Control with Pick Assist option. Once the operator has the handle in an optimum position for floor level order picking, the Smart Coast Control function is easily activated by pressing the Pick Assist button on either side of the control handle. Pick Assist allows operators to advance the truck to the next picking location at

Our Extended Shift feature allows for longer periods of time between battery changes by optimizing the MPE060-080VG series’ motor and controller energy efficiency. When not using the Extended Shift feature, the truck operates in high-performance mode for quicker acceleration and higher travel speeds, resulting in more pallets moved per hour.

Additional end-user benefits include:

  • A heavy-duty linkage system that reduces wear and tear
  • Bushings that optimize lubrication points by 33 percent
  •  Reduced strain on the undercarriage and linkage due to a wide battery box
  • A 20 percent improvement in torsional stiffness for increased durability

 “Yale spent more than 1,000 hours in an extreme cold storage application testing the series’ capabilities,” continued Micheletto. “In 83 working days, more than 50,000 pallets were moved over 3,000 miles with more than 100,000 lift/lowers and 1,300 trailers emptied. It’s proven, productive and intelligently designed. This is a key truck that makes Yale a smart choice for warehousing customers.”
a walking speed, keeping the handle at that position until Smart Coast Control is disengaged.


  • Smart Coast Control with Pick Assist option
  • Extended Shift feature
  • superior pallet entry and exit
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