Heavy Duty Forged Steel Casters


The Hamilton engineering department is proud to unveil Hamilton’s next generation swivel technology: HPI™.   HPI™ or Hamilton Precision Integrated can be found on select series of Hamilton’s heavy duty forged steel casters with load capacities ranging from 600 - 23,000 lbs. per caster.  HPI™ outperforms conventional CNC-machined ball raceways, kingpinless, and unit load bearing swivel constructions. The new design improves the bearing’s element of contact and more than doubles the number of contact points. The new HPI™ raceways are also 45% harder than conventional hardened raceways and the surface finish is an incredibly smooth 16 micro inches. 

Casters equipped with the HPI technology have shown to swivel more easily under heavy load and outlast conventional swivel raceways in 24/7 operations such as automatic guided vehicles (AVGs) and tow-line carts.


  • capacities ranging from 600 - 23,000 lbs
  • next generation swivel technology
  • raceways are also 45% harder
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