KNUTH Machine Tools USA, a leading manufacturer of machine
tool equipment, offers the versatile and powerful HPS Series hydraulic ironworker for
handling heavy duty fabrication and single part production. Designed with five
punching, cutting and notching work stations, these rugged machines offer outstanding
durability and unparalleled reliability to handle any prototype environment.
Designed with a balance of performance and functionality, the universal Knuth HPS
Series features five work stations with include flat and angular steel cutters, rod steel
station, notching and hole punch stations. Additionally, with up to 15 horsepower, the
flat cutting station is ideal for handling up to 1.25 inches of thick steel. The HPS flat
cutting station features a lower knife with four cutting edges plus it includes a table with
angular and linear stops for accuracy.
The HPS Series angular profile cutting station comes equipped with a rear stop which
adjusts up to 40 inches and an automatic cut activation to handle precise cuts and
improve productivity.
The Knuth HPS Series rod station provides a rod hold down for round and square steel
plus an automatic rear stop at 40 inches. Able to handle up to 5/8 inches of thick steel,
the notching station comes equipped with a table which features a scale and stop.
The powerful HPS punch station comes equipped with up to 200 tons of press force
capacity to virtually accommodate any sheet metal, flat and U-section steel. The punch
station offers a heavy-duty table to ensure high-quality punching results while the extrawide
throat accommodates most materials.
Finally, the robust HPS hole punch station features an infinite variable stroke adjustment
along with Peddinghaus stamp adapter/dies and hydraulic overload valves.
The dual HPS Series includes independent hydraulic cylinders allowing two independent
and simultaneous work stations.
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