Heavy-Duty Joysticks


Adding to the already versatile JOYSCAPE platform, RAFI is now offering heavy-duty joysticks for outdoor machines and other applications in which control components must meet extremely demanding requirements. The platform concept enables a robust standard design base to be combined with customized multi-function joysticks. 


RAFI integrates buttons, rocker switches, thumb joysticks, rotary encoders, and LEDs as required. All RAFI JOYSCAPE joysticks have options for CAN/CANopen, analog or USB interfaces. Employing wear-free noncontact electronic 3D Hall sensors for motion detection, the new heavy-duty joystick variant achieves long operation lifetime, even in the most demanding applications. It is built to sustain 5 million operating cycles even in extreme conditions and at environmental temperatures between -40°C and +85°C. 


The joystick has 110 Nm impact strength in X and Y direction. It handles pressure up to 1000 N and tensile loads up to 500 N in Z direction. The ferromagnetic, high-alloy steel housing effectively shields the sensor system for added ruggedness. The sensors are designed redundantly for superior reliability and safety. Due to its high center of rotation and large 20° tilt angle, the joystick only needs a small, 65 mm wide mounting hole. This particular design provides for very comfortable operation. In addition, it is suitable for bellows with a minimum of folds, which makes this an easy-to-clean solution. The joystick is very compact, featuring a mounting depth of only 50 mm and 77 x 77 mm flange dimensions.

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