Heavy-Duty Lights


Firefighting is one of the most respectable professions in local communities, for all the right reasons. Putting out fires is risky and dangerous work. Injuries while on the job ranges from crippling burns and smoke inhalation to mental fatigue and fractures. 


With this in mind, it takes a very dedicated individual to take on fires and save lives. Firefighters must be prepared for anything and everything, when serving the community. While responding to a fire-related emergency, firefighters are prone to different types of hazards. In addition to dealing with extreme temperatures and thick smoke, individuals must watch out for falling objects on the side of collapsing buildings, such as bulky air conditioners, windows and debris. 


Part of a firefighter’s job scope also entails supporting emergency response teams. For instance, such groups are called to assist law enforcement during riots and large events. In other community-related tasks, such individuals are frequently called to assist in the retrieval of animals and promote fire safety at schools.


In order for firefighters to do their job effectively, operators must be equipped with reliable and rugged gear. To boost detection and visibility while on the job, Larson Electronics offers several compact and portable lights. The products below are equipped with features specifically designed to make firefighting tasks easier to manage and safer:


Intrinsically Safe LED Spotlight for Fireman Helmet (EXP-LED-402-FFHL): This Class I/Class II rated LED spotlight attaches on fireman helmets. Equipped with waterproof features and a lockable on/off switch, the intrinsically safe unit is capable of illuminating targets up to 564 feet away. The battery-powered light contains a valve that allows operators to release accumulated hydrogen gas, which can reduce explosive risks.


Intrinsically Safe Right-angle LED Flashlight (EXPRA-07-LED): The EXPRA-07-LED is a superior right-angle LED flashlight that serves as a reliable secondary unit for firefighters. The battery-powered device features two light settings (low/high) and an air-free heat sink design, which reduces the possibility of malfunction and premature failure. This unit is IP54 rated and can be secured on ropes, pockets and other small openings.


Battery-powered Explosion Proof Light: (RUL-9-FR): This explosion proof lantern is powered by high-output halogen technology. Equipped with Class I and Class II explosion proof ratings, the unit’s lithium-ion batteries can be recharged via common wall outlets. Capable of holding a charge for 18 months, firefighters could have these lights charged and ready for emergency situations. During use, the waterproof light can be carried or left to stand on a flat surface.


Golight Radioray Motorized LED Spotlight (GL-9021-RED): The GL-9021-RED is a remote-controlled spotlight for firetrucks and emergency response teams. This motorized unit is low voltage and mountable on vehicles. The LED light emits 2,500 lumens of white light during operation. Operators are provided access to a wired remote control for adjusting beam placement, with a movement range of 135° (tilt) and 370° (rotation). This durable LED spotlight is UV and weatherproof, as well as suitable for use in marine locations.

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