Heavy-Duty Pipe Wrench


Superior Tool unveils the new Pro Line ™ Heavy Duty pipe wrench with a new Power Flange ™ handle that is 50% stronger than those of other leading brands. The wrench comes in 10”, 14”, and 18” lengths, and performs dramatically better in stress tests performed by an independent metallurgical laboratory that specializes in tensile strength testing. “The bend strength for the Superior wrench handle is more than 50% higher than that of other leading brands,” according to Superior CEO Jeff White.

“We set out to make the strongest handle in the business, and we did it,” White added. “The handle is made from a DurAlloy high-strength ductile iron alloy specially formulated for Superior. We also significantly increased the flange size of the handle at the point where strength is most important. Safety is key in pipe-fitting, and this new product reflects our desire to provide the easiest-to-use, most durable, and safest tools possible.”

The wrench also has a durable powder coat finish, which minimizes scratches
and corrosion while providing a better gripping surface than regular paint. And, new ergonomic tapered handles with a wide tip and larger hang hole provide more comfort, a better grip, and extra convenience.

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