Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal


Cambridge Security Seals announces the availability of its new Heavy Duty Pull Tight seal (HPT). The streamlined design of the HPT not only strengthens the seal, but makes it smoother and easier to use when securing items.  

CSS’s design gives the HPT a uniquely thin diameter while offering 40 percent more tensile strength than similar alternatives.   The HPT also features CSS’s unique Clean Break Design™, which both reduces cost and waste because individual seals detach from the strip without any material left over.

Cambridge Security Seals offers its Heavy Duty Pull Tight security seals in four lengths (9”,12”,15”, and 18”) and seven colors, and provides customers with an unsurpassed ability to customize their seals with logos, printed information, variable numbering, and barcodes. 


  • thin diameter
  • 40 percent more tensile strength
  • Clean Break Design

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