Heavy Duty Roll Pusher


The latest update to a product line that has been Industry-proven for over fifteen years, the Appleton RollMover HD features a smart lithium battery and a rugged, high-visibility, steel ergonomic design. Powerful, versatile, and highly maneuverable, it moves heavy rollable loads safely and easily. The Appleton RollMover HD is designed to easily and quickly move paper rolls, wire reels, vehicle chassis, and many other types of products in a variety of industries. If it’s round, the Appleton RollMover HD can move it–safely, easily, and efficiently.


The battery pack is ergonomic, easy-to-hold, carry, and change. It charges fast, holds a charge longer, and offers more charging cycles over its life than other batteries. In addition to its design and performance improvements, the battery features in-depth, onboard analytics that offer data on battery state, performance, and maintenance cycle for improved use.


  • Rugged, high-visibility ergonomic design increases worker safety and improves mobility and productivity
  • Quick-Charge and easy-to-change high-performance 36V Long-life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • In-depth, on-board, analytics offer data on battery charge, performance and maintenance cycles
  • Compact size and excellent maneuverability
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Rolls of up to 10 tons
  • Reels of up to 20 tons
  • Chassis of up to 40 tons
  • Almost any roll or round material

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Batteries only last for about 7 months, readout on handle burnt out about 1 yr. the mover is great but need to redesign battery. these batteries have a built in circuit board with LED light blinking all the time. which will draw the battery down if not used, and the charger will not recognize the battery if under 20 volts. so your battery is junk.