Heavy-Duty Specialty Lockers


Stanley Vidmar, a manufacturer of premium custom storage solutions, is now offering specialty lockers to a diverse range of industries. Ideal for the safe storage of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as breathing apparatus, ear/eye protection, and gloves, Stanley® Vidmar® Specialty Lockers are fully customizable and come with a lifetime guarantee. Additional specialty locker features include:

• Dedicated drawer storage that prevents the unnecessary handling of items, thereby increasing the shelf life of expensive PPE
• Identical drawer loading diagrams that help expedite frequent PPE inspections
• Expanded storage space to store outerwear, boots, and other personal items

 Stanley Vidmar offers complete storage solutions. Other products include high-density modular storage cabinets, weapons cradles, adjustable racking systems, toolboxes, container storage, vertical lift systems, workstations and benching, Electro-Static Dissipative (ESD)-protective products, and more.    
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