OMG Roofing Products has added a Height Adjustable PipeGuard to its line of rooftop pipe supports.  Designed to lift and support a variety of rooftop pipes from 5- to 8.5-inches off the surface of the roof, the new Height Adjustable PipeGuard has a heavy-duty EPDM rubber base and adjustable stainless steel support.
“The Height Adjustable PipeGuard is a safe alternative to traditional pressure treated wood blocks that can rot, splinter and damage the roofing system,” said Dan Genovese, product manager for OMG’s Roofing Products group. “Additionally, its simple design addresses the problem of supporting rooftop pipes that have been positioned at multiple heights across the roof.”
OMG PipeGuard is easy to use, does not require any special tools, slip-sheets or clamps and will accommodate steel, copper and PVC piping, electrical conduit and gas lines ranging from one-half- to five-inches in diameter. In addition, the heavy-duty EPDM PipeGuard will not deteriorate from water or sunlight exposure.

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