Height Gage Offers Easy-to-Use Precision for Shop Floor Measurements


Designed with production personnel in mind, the new DigimarĀ® 816 CL Height Gage from Mahr Federal provides highly accurate measurements without complicated procedures. Robust design and user-friendly operation combine with advanced features and functionality to improve dimensional measurement on the shop floor or in the lab.

The robust design of the Digimar 816 CL utilizes a precise measuring head on stainless steel guideways and a dynamic probing system. Air bearings provide light and smooth movement, while accuracy and reliability are ensured by an optical incremental measurement system with a double head reader which is impervious to dust and other contamination. A motorized measuring carriage minimizes operator influence on probe contact, increases accuracy, and simplifies measurement runs.

Key to measurement accuracy in production environments is the Digimar 816 CL's internal temperature compensation system. An integrated temperature sensor measures ambient temperature and automatically compensates for the thermal expansion of the workpiece.

Operators will find the Digimar 816 CL Height Gage very easy to use. All standard functions can be initiated with a single key stroke and additional functions are readily available through the menu. Measured values are clearly displayed on the control unit's high contrast back-lit graphic display, along with the current function being measured. Users may also retrace the measuring procedure in the list of measured values directly below the current value. Dynamic functions, such as
Max-Min for parallel deviation and roundness deviation, and calculation functions, such as the distance between measured values, are also included.

Operation of the Digimar 816 CL Height Gage is nearly self-explanatory, with function keys clearly defined with easy-to-understand icons. The icon for "Contact surface from above," for example, is a simple line with an arrow pointing down. "Contact from below" has the arrow pointing up. Repetitive measuring procedures can easily be automated. Complex measuring routines can be programmed using the Digimar 816 CL's teach-in mode, and can then be initiated with a single key.

The memory on the Digimar 816 CL Height Gage can store up to 99 measured values. Data can be output via USB or OPTO RS232. An integrated, rechargeable battery provides long operating time for independent measurement in addition to the main power adaptor. The Mahr Federal Digimar 816 CL Height Gage is available in two measuring ranges, 350 mm/14 in. and 600 mm/24 in.

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