Helical SN8-13 Milling System


The Helical SN8-13 milling system features double-sided helix inserts with eight cutting edges that significantly lower cost per edge to boost slotting, side milling, and circular rough milling efficiency. Built for difficult applications involving ISO P, M, K, and S materials, the cutters offer application-specific sub-family designs featuring left or right-hand helixes, half or full-effective teeth options, two front insert, and many radii choices for long tool life and maximum chip evacuation. Reliable and user-friendly, the system also eliminates incorrect indexing of front and helix inserts, reducing operator error.


To eliminate the risk of mistakes, the SN8-13 milling system cutters are specifically designed to make mounting of front and helix inserts easy and foolproof, especially for inexperienced operators. It is an economical alternative to milling products for depths-of-cut from 2 up to 3 in. (50 up to 100 mm).


  • Double-sided square helix inserts with 8 cutting edges
  • 3 geometries optimized per material and application
  • Long tool life in P, M, K, and S materials
  • Two front inserts and many radii choices
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