HemiPleat FR Carbon Dust Collector


HemiPleat® dust collector filters collect more dust, pulse better, last longer and save money. No matter which dust collector you have, the HemiPleat filter can improve its performance.

HemiPleat Filters are available in all shapes and sizes as replacement upgrade cartridges.


Benefits include:

  • 100% Media Use - captures more air pollutants for a safer, cleaner work environment.
  • Saves Money & Time - less maintenance and longer filter life.
  • High Filter Efficiency - PolyTech™ HE filter media delivers high efficiencies - 99.999% on 0.5 micron particles.
  • Optional eXtreme Media - Nanofiber layer provides superior efficiency and lower pressure drop.
  • Enhanced Pulse Jet Cleaning - dust is ejected from deep within the pleats.
  • Breathable Media Pleats - reduces the "dirty work" of replacing filters.
  • Lower Pressure Drop (Delta P) - open pleat spacing improving cleaning efficiency.
  • HemiPleat is standard on all Farr Gold Series dust collectors.


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