Hi-Flex Motor Power Cables


Hi-Flex Motor Power Cables are designed for repeatable motion, tight routing, high voltages, greater current carrying capacity, and better heat dissipation. Hi-Flex Motor Power Cables are available in 4 conductor non-shielded (24 to 4 AWG) and individually shielded (24 to 10 AWG)  versions and are excellent for us in servo-controlled automation systems, stepper motor, and variable frequency drive connection applications. 


The compact, flame retardant cable design is free of halogens and contaminants and is engineered to provide overall weight reduction, space savings, enhanced cable strength, and uninterrupted reliability. Cicoil’s patented computer-controlled extrusion process allows each power conductor to be placed in a flat parallel profile, precisely controlling the spacing of each individual component, insulation thickness, and the overall cable shape. This ensures that each of the shielded or unshielded conductors do not rub against each other, wear during operation and provide optimum EMI/RFI suppression. In addition, the flat cable design does not require bulky fillers and low-friction tapes because the conductors don’t move within the Flexx-Sil material that forms the outer jacket. 


The tear-resistant Flexx-Sil jacket is also self-healing from small punctures and will not wear, crack or deform due to long term exposure to severe impact, tight routing, vibration,  water, ice, steam, sunlight, humidity, ozone, UV light, autoclave, expanded temperatures, and many chemicals.


  • Mechanical:
    • Conductors: Ultra-flexible, finely stranded, tinned copper
    • Shielding: Ultra-flexible, braided shields, with 90% nominal coverage
    • Minimum Bend Radius:
      • - 6x cable height for intermediate flex
      • - 10x cable height for continuous flex
    • Flex Life: 10,000,000 cycles nominal
    • Outer Jacket Durometer Rating: 65 (Shore A)
  • Environmental:
    • Temperature Rating: -104 to +165°C
    • Moisture Rating: Submersible, Salt Water Resistant
    • Clean Room Rating: Class 1, Zero Particulates
    • Extreme Environments: Sunlight, UV Light, Alcohol, Chemical and Oil Resistant
  • Electrical:
    • Outer Jacket Dielectric Strength: 450V/mil (17.7 kv/mm)
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