High Absorbency Granular Sorbents


Brady  has expanded its SPC absorbent  product line to include the new Re-Form™ Granular absorbents. This environmentally responsible absorbent is made from 100% recycled post consumer paper waste and absorbs oils, solvents, lubricants, coolants, water, and most non-aggressive liquids on contact. 

Re-Form™ Granular absorbents offer high absorbency, safe usage and easy cleanup
With a one-to-one absorbency ratio and low moisture content, Re-Form™ Granular absorbents can absorb their own weight in oil and can fully retain spills. They were tested to have one of the highest bulk densities among other leading granular sorbents; they do not blow away in the wind or other adverse weather conditions and do not require any additional cleanup.
Re-Form™ Granular absorbents are a safe sorbent product with no detectable level of Crystalline Silica or other hazardous materials. They have a neutral pH level, which decreases the probability of a reaction with volatile liquids, and are virtually dust free, leaving no stains or visible residue. In comparison to competitors, Re-Form™ Granular absorbents are among the lowest in ash content, which makes them easier to incinerate and reduces the amount of residue sent to landfills.
SPC Re-Form™ Granular absorbents can be used for spill cleanup, bioremediation, routine maintenance, liquid stabilization, thermal destruction and more. Re-Form™ Granular  absorbents are manufactured from fibrous sludge waste from select paper mills, making them safe for the environment and employee use.


  • high absorbency
  • safe usage
  • easy cleanup
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