– Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced an electronic touchless towel system that improves upon other existing Kimberly-Clark towel dispensing systems by offering the hygienic benefits of hands-free dispensing along with the highest capacity on the market and a range of other innovative features. The KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Electronic Touchless Towel System is quieter than similar electronic touchless towel systems and more user-friendly, via a smart sensor on the bottom that allows people to place their hands in a more natural position to dispense the towels. It also features adjustable settings for sheet length and time delays, so the system can be fine-tuned to meet a facility’s particular needs. As an added value, the innovative modular design allows current customers using the KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* SANITOUCH* mechanical towel dispensing system to convert to an electronic dispenser simply by inserting the electronic module into their existing dispensers. And the flexibility doesn’t stop there. The KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Electronic Touchless Towel System uses the same high-quality, highly absorbent KLEENEX and SCOTT brand towels as the SANITOUCH* mechanical towel systems, so facilities don’t have to stock different towel products for mechanical and touchless dispensers, simplifying the purchasing process and making maintenance easier. The system delivers 950 ft. of standard hard roll towels and 600 ft. of premium hard roll towels, leading to fewer runouts. The new Electronic Touchless Towel System can also run on batteries or electricity, via an AC/DC adapter that plugs into an electrical outlet. “Facilities may want to offer electronic dispensing in high-visibility locations but in other areas, where electronic dispensing may not be needed, they can offer mechanical dispensing,” said Kevin McVeigh, senior category manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional. “Because both systems use the same towels, there are no inventory tracking issues and the janitorial staff doesn’t have to worry about putting different towels into electronic and mechanical dispensers. Since both types of dispensers share the same housing, they appear identical, providing a coordinated look for a facility’s washrooms.” The KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Electronic Touchless Towel System also features: • An energy-saving sleep mode that extends battery life to up to one year in a moderate-use environment. • Indicator lights that alert the maintenance staff to a low battery, low paper supply or loading issues. The KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* Electronic Touchless Towel System is available in smoke/grey, pearl white and stainless steel. It is the latest addition to the Kimberly-Clark Professional family of hygienic product solutions for the washroom.


• Size: 12.272" W x 15.201" H x 9 • System Format:1.75 Hub
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