High Definition Handheld Thermal Camera


T1K is a high definition handheld instrument featuring exceptional measurement performance, outstanding image clarity, and a highly responsive user-interface. It allows users to find hot spots quickly, measure them precisely, and streamline their entire work process. The measured difference in temperature could help workers find sub-surface cracks, water damage and many other building issues.

T1K features outstanding image quality due to the 1024 x 768-pixel uncooled infrared detector that offers twice the sensitivity of the industry standard for uncooled sensors. This resolution is further boosted by the addition of FLIR Vision ProcessingTM, which combines FLIR’s unique UltraMaxTM super resolution process with FLIR’s patented MSX image enhancement software that overlays important visual details and perspective, such as numbers and labels, over the full resolution thermal image.


  • 1024 x 768-pixel uncooled infrared detector
  • OSXTM Precision HDIR optics
  • Focusing system offers continuous auto-focus and dynamic manual focus
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