High Duty Cycle Lift Tables


With upgraded components and more durable wear parts, the High Duty Cycle Lift Tables increase recommended maintenance intervals from 50,000 cycles to 200,000 cycles. The rugged parts also deliver longer life and better performance in applications with oversized or non-uniform loads. Often specific for integration with other handling systems, such as conveyors and sortation systems, they are ideal for congested areas and applications where there is limited maintenance staff to inspect and maintain the equipment.


Specific component differences between standard and high cycle lift packages include high strength, oversized alloy shafts and pins that are turned, ground, and polished; hardened, regreaseable cam followers; glass filament wound PTFE impregnated epoxy backed bushings; steel roller wear strips; and an upper limit switch.


  • All Southworth LS Series lifts, including 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, and 8,000 lb. units, can be configured for high duty cycles
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