High-Efficiency Air Dryers


Removing moisture and particles from compressed air is critical for manufacturing pharmaceuticals, food products, paints and other processes requiring clean, dry air. A new range of desiccant dryers, Hydra-D from Norgren, outperforms traditional dryers by using pressure swing adsorption to increase dryer efficiency and simplify operation. Hydra-D removes particles down to one micron and water vapor down to -40 degrees pressure dew point, meeting ISO-8573-1:2010 Class 2 particle and water removal specifications.

Wet air from a pneumatic supply line enters the dryer and bulk liquids and particles are removed by the filtration/separation stage. Air passes through the desiccant bed where any remaining moisture is adsorbed. Dry air is filtered again before exiting the dryer.  The PLC-controlled unit is compact and simple to install on floor or wall. The modular cartridge design makes Hydra-D easy to maintain since it requires no external filters, silencers, or handling of loose desiccant. Exhaust air channeling reduces noise levels significantly. Dew point monitoring and low air consumption save energy.


  • removes particles down to one micron
  • water vapor down to -40 degrees pressure dew point
  • modular cartridge design

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