High Efficiency Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts


LAS VEGAS – Lightfair International 2006 Booth #818 – May 30, 2006 – American Ballast, a global commercial and residential power solutions company with worldwide manufacturing capabilities, has introduced a new line of high efficiency electronic fluorescent ballasts. Ideal for commercial office, retail, distribution warehouses, and industrial high bay lighting applications, the T5 and T5/HO electronic ballasts address the need for more efficient and higher light output systems. The ballast design offers tremendous energy savings while providing a better quality of light, and is compatible with many types of lighting control systems.

“These are rapidly becoming the ballast of choice for commercial and high bay retrofit lighting,” said John Clancy, director of sales for American Ballast. “Because they are no longer limited to HID systems, contractors, plant managers or engineers seeking higher lighting efficiency alternatives now have an enhanced fluorescent option.”

Offering an advantage for electrical distributors and large facility operators, all models offer universal input voltage (108-305 volts) resulting in fewer models to stock, thus reducing inventory while ensuring correct output voltage. The T5 group of ballasts also includes products for all linear T5 and T5/HO lamps, including standard and high output options. The T5 product family is ideal for indirect and pendant mount fixtures and helps maintain lamp life with its automatic end-of-lamp-life shutdown feature.

Designed for use in Energy Star® compliant fixtures, the T5 product family meets FCC rules and regulations and ANSI requirements and complies with all applicable state and federal efficiency standards. Through its advanced global technologies and extensive burn-in, full-functional and advanced-life testing procedures, American Ballast confidently offers a 5-year warranty on its T5 product family. All American Ballast lighting solutions are UL and CuL Listed.

About American Ballast
American Ballast was established in 2004 specifically to design and manufacture energy-efficient electronic fluorescent and HID ballasts for commercial and residential lighting customers in North America. With worldwide manufacturing and design capabilities, American Ballast utilizes decades of experience delivering high-quality power solutions as part of a $500 million global company that also includes the world’s fifth-largest power supply manufacturer. American Ballast’s products are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities worldwide and meet Energy Star and numerous other industry standards, including 100% burn-in, full-functional and advanced-life testing standards.


• Ballast shall be UL certified for the U.S. and Canada • Ballast shall be sound rated Class A. • Ballast shall have a Lamp Current Crest Factor of <1.7. • Ballast shall withstand line transients as specified in ANSI C62.41-1991 • Ballast shall comply with the limits of FCC Part 18C for Non-Consumer equipment. • Ballast shall have a lamp operating frequency of 20 to 33KHz or greater than 40kHz. • Ballast shall have a -20˚ ˚˚ ˚F minimum lamp starting temperature. • Ballast shall be potted. • Ballast shall be Program Rapid Start • Ballast shall be Series Lamp Operation • Ballast shall have end of lamp life shutdown protection • Ballast shall have minimum Power Factor of 98% for primary lamp operation • Ballast shall operate within +/- 10% of the ballast specified line voltage at 50/60Hz. • Ballast shall have a maximum case hot spot temperature of 90 Celsius.
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