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TECA Corporation introduces the AHP-4250 family of thermoelectric air conditioners. The AHP-4250 family boasts a cooling capacity of 3,600 BTU/HR, the highest performance, commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner in the world. Within the AHP-4250 product family, “Green Zone” styles have efficiencies approaching 100%. Both styles come standard with TECA’s exclusive Eco-Mode temperature control design which helps save energy by limiting the need for active cooling when it’s not needed. Like TECA’s other high-performance models, the AHP-4250 product family’s Eco-Mode design acts as a heat exchanger under low-demand conditions thus lowering total power consumption. The energy savings is significant. The AHP-4252 (240 VAC) uses 94% less energy in the Eco-Mode mode than it does in the active-cooling mode. The Green Zone style AHP-4250 (120 VAC) consumes 36% less energy in the active cooling mode than the closest competing thermoelectric air conditioner.  The Eco-Mode switches on as the enclosure temperature rises through 25C and the need for cooling begins. This provides cooling without using a lot of energy and keeps the enclosure below the active cooling set point for a longer period of time, limiting the time for active cooling. 

TECA's unique design and assembly techniques allow for the use of a large number of thermoelectric modules, operating at high C.O.P. values, to get both high performance and high efficiency.  In addition to the high performance and high efficiency ratings, the AHP-4250-Series boasts a physical design which improves upon existing thermoelectric air conditioners. The cold side (internal to enclosure) has a low profile, which translates into less intrusion into the enclosure, giving the user more room for whatever the enclosure is meant to hold. The robust mounting flange, gasket and hardware and centrally located power input contribute to user-friendly installation. The hot side, or ambient (external to enclosure) fans, are more easily accessible for maintenance. Finally, high air-flow fans and high fin-density heat sinks on the cold side maximize performance and minimize condensation. An integral condensate removal system absorbs condensation and transports it to the hot side, where it gets evaporated into the ambient. A temperature controller is built into the AHP-4250-Series air conditioners. 

All configurations include either a cool-only TC-4F or a heat/cool TC-7F integral temperature controller. The Eco-Mode heat exchanger function is included in all configurations. The heat exchanger function will switch on (passive cooling) when the enclosure reaches 25C. Active cooling switches on when the enclosure reaches 35C. On heat/cool configurations, the TC-7F will switch on the heating function when the enclosure temperature drops to 10C. All heat/cool models heat via reverse polarity of the thermoelectric modules. Various input voltages are available: 120 and 240 VAC, 24 VDC and 250 VDC (for crane applications). Custom finishes, temperature control set points, and other customization is available. Possible applications include industrial control cabinets, telecommunications, overhead crane controls, equipment storage, LED screens, and much more.  


  • cooling capacity of 3,600 BTU/HR
  • efficiencies approaching 100%

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