High-Efficiency Transformers


Acme Electric’s dry-type encapsulated 3-phase transformers are built to withstand dust or lint-laden atmospheres either indoors or out. The high-efficiency transformers are completely enclosed and feature a fully encapsulated core and coil, copper lead wire terminations, electrostatic shield and are fitted with grounding studs for use with non-metallic conduit. Units are available in 480VAC and 600VAC models and in 3 to 15 kVA sizes. Acme encapsulated 3-phase transformers are UL and CSA approved and are RoHS compliant.



  • Fully encapsulated core and coil
  • UL Type 3R enclosure
  • Grounding studs for use with non-metallic conduit
  • Copper lead wire for terminations
  • Electrostatic shield standard
  • Temperature range: -20°C [-4°F] to average ambient temperature 30°C [86°F], not to exceed 40°C [104°F] without derating the transformer.
  • Maximum temperature rise: 115°C [239°F]
  • BNFC (below normal full capacity) taps: 2
  • Taps 5% per step
  • Frequency: 60Hz
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