Rosedale Products announces a new product line of cartridge filters.  The HIGH FLOW SERIES is a line of horizontally mounted filter vessels containing 1 to 18 large surface area pleated cartridges in 40 or 60 inch lengths.  The HIGH FLOW line boasts flow rates of up to 400 gallons per minute for each element in select applications.

.  The preferential flow path is inside-out, ensuring that the collecting solids stay inside the filter cartridges as they are removed. Offered in carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, as well as 316 stainless steel construction, the units are rated at 150 PSI ASME code design.  With the large surface area filter cartridges, a wider range of applications with hard to handle conditions can benefit from this versatile product line. 

Applications include reverse osmosis pre-filtering, incoming plant water, and high solid waste removal.  The lower profile and smaller footprint can save valuable floor space while providing high flow operating conditions.  The HIGH FLOW SERIES includes line sizes to 12 inch ANSI flanged inlet and outlet connections. The innovative design includes, an easily accessible hinged cover for fast cartridge change-out.  Filter ratings from 1-100 microns @ 99.9 % efficiency are offered in polypropylene material.
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