High-Flow Spool Valve


The Model 780 spool valve from Tridak provides a higher rate of fluid flow during dispensing for faster cycling and greater production throughput.  This valve is designed to accommodate a broader range of fluids, including those possessing high viscosities.  The Model 780 dispense valve is ideal for fluid packaging operations, including filling vials, bottles, and other specialty containers. This valve is easily integrated into robotics and automated production processes.

To maintain the precise accuracy of the volume dispensed, the Model 780 spool valve possesses adjustable material suck-back and flow control.  Once the exact volume is dialed in during initial qualification, repeatable performance is assured. The standard Model 780 spool valve is supplied with hard-coated aluminum components and Teflon® seals. It is also available in stainless steel and Teflon® construction for applications involving unique materials.  Tridak’s Model 345 Valve Controller is ideally suited to actuate this valve.

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