High-Impact Sanitary Tank Cleaner for CIP


Equipped with solid stream nozzles and a unique self-draining, threadless design, the TankJet 78 tank cleaner provides quick and thorough cleaning of tanks up to 45-ft in diameter.


It’s self-draining design enables users to service and maintain the unit without tools-. Assembly and disassembly can  be completed in less than 5 min.


Available in single-hub, two-nozzle, or dual hub, four-nozzle designs, the TankJet 78 tank cleaner can be mounted permanently or moved easily from tank to tank. It is ideal for cleaning blenders, brewery tanks, food processing vats, dairy tanks, spray dry towers, and in non-sanitary operations.




  • cleaning blenders
  • brewery tanks
  • food processing vats
  • dairy tanks
  • spray dry towers
  • non-sanitary operations
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