The PalletPal Lift Truck from Southworth Products Corp combines the best attributes of a lift table and a pallet truck, allowing the operator to pick up a load, transport it to the workplace, and lift it to the most convenient working height. 

   With a lifting capacity of 1650 lbs., the PalletPal Lift Truck can be raised as high as 311/2".  The electric-lift model, powered by a 12-volt, maintenance-free battery, raises a load to the highest position in less than six seconds.  This model includes extended-duty cycles, a battery discharge indicator, and an automatic battery charger. 

   The manual-lift model provides two lifting speeds — 17 strokes for light loads, 56 strokes for heavy ones.  Standard safety features include an overload relief valve and automatic stabilizers that take over from the wheels and lock into place when the load is approximately 15" high.  High-tensile-strength-steel construction reduces weight without sacrificing strength.  Standard forks are each 45" long, with either 201/2" or 27" as the outside dimension.  For longer loads 79” forks are available. 

   PalletPal Lift Trucks are ideal for anyone feeding printing presses, cutters, binderies, metal presses, conveyors, packaging stations, etc.  Whether used for picking orders, positioning materials at production machines, or other applications, they reduce production time and labor turnover by eliminating repetitive bending, lifting, and carrying, all at a fraction of the cost of a driver-operated fork lift truck. 

• Lifting capacity of 1650 lbs

• Two lifting speeds — 17 strokes for light loads, 56 strokes for heavy ones

• Can be raised as high as 31 1/2"

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