High-Performance WIDIA-GTD™ Taps


Where applications demand precise thread quality and improved threadmaking productivity, new high-performance WIDIA-GTD™ HSS-E taps are the answer. These new powder-metal taps represent the optimum combination of grade, geometries, and coatings for accomplishing precision tapping applications in steel and stainless steel materials.
The proprietary powder-metal substrate contains higher than standard levels of cobalt content for a combination of greater heat resistance and improved tool life.

Choices include 15-degree left-hand helix for pushing chips ahead in tapping through holes or 45-degree right-hand helix for retracting chips from blind holes. Manufactured to both ANSI and DIN standards, the precision h6 shanks allow these new taps to excel in conventional tap holders with square drive or precision round tool holders.

“Grades are available for general engineering and vehicle manufacturing applications such as crank and cam shafts, connecting rods, and wheel hubs,” says Marcelo Campos, senior product manager, global tapping. “Choices also exist for precision aerospace applications such as valves, fittings, and fasteners in stainless steels.”

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