High Power Collaborative Robot


FANUC America Corporation is introducing its new CR-35iA collaborative robot, the industry’s first 35 kg payload force limited collaborative robot designed to work alongside humans without the need for safety fences.

The CR-35iA collaborative robot features six-axis articulation. A soft foam green cover protects workers who are in direct contact with the robot. The robot’s shell is green to distinguish the collaborative robot from the standard yellow FANUC robots.

The CR-35iA robot was developed to help manufacturers solve ergonomic challenges by handling applications that are physically demanding for humans, such as heavy lifting. In the automotive industry, for example, workers are required to lift spare tires into vehicles on the assembly line.


  • Payload: 35 kg

  • Certification: ISO 10218-1:2011

  • Applications: machine tending, handling heavy payloads that require lift assist devices or custom equipment, higher payload mechanical assembly, palletizing or packing, and tote or carton handling.

  • Features & Benefits:
    • Industry’s first 35 kg payload collaborative robot that can work with humans in a shared workspace without safety fences.
    • Works in cooperation with a human operator in a variety of applications including assembly and heavy-duty part transfer.
    • Stops safely when it touches a human operator.
    • Soft green cover minimizes impact force and prevents human operators from being pinched.
    • Certified to meet the requirements of international standards ISO 10218-1.
    • Supports FANUC’s latest intelligent functions such as iRVision.
    • Designed with the same high reliability as FANUC’s conventional robots.
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