High-Power Motor Control


Users in heavy industries now have a motor control option for compressors, pumps, and fans. Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 medium-voltage AC drives from Rockwell Automation offer expanded, user-friendly control for variable and constant torque applications. The latest release delivers a wider voltage range (2.4 to 11 kV) and provides 100% starting torque, leveraging sensorless vector control.

The PowerFlex 6000 drive is easy to commission, use and maintain, with standard faceplates and EtherNet/IP connectivity. The drive is a cost-effective solution for heavy industries with higher power needs for their applications.

With an extended power range, the drive can be used for applications with output-voltage ratings up to 11 kV and motor current ratings up to 680 A, while remaining an air-cooled design. With eco-designed main cooling fans, users in Europe and other IEC-based markets can meet EC regulation 327 and ErP directive 2009, and avoid the larger footprint of a liquid-cooled drive. Internally powered cooling fans reduce customer-supplied control power requirements, and equipment and installation costs. A tertiary winding on the isolation transformer provides internal power for the fans.

Two new output-voltage ratings are available – 6.9 kV for North America, and 11 kV for EMEA and Australia. The full range of ratings includes 2.4, 3, 3.3, 4.16, 6, 6.3, 6.6, 6.9, 10 and 11 kV.

With optional, automatic cell bypass up to 680 A, users can keep their operations running in case of a power cell failure and reduce unplanned downtime. In addition, an uninterruptible power supply helps increase system reliability, minimize downtime and mitigate potential machine damage.




  • Includes UL and IEC configurations:
    • 2.3 kV — 2238 kW (3000 Hp)
    • 3.3 kV — 3280 kW (4400 Hp)
    • 4 kV — 3954 kW (5300 Hp)
    • 6.6 kV — 6565 kW (8200 Hp)
    • 10 kV — 9950 kW (13,350 Hp)
    • 11 kV — 10,950 kW (14,680 Hp)
  • Controls speed, with stop start of normal duty/heavy duty new or retrofit induction motors, to help improve asset utilization in your critical applications
  • Offers 100% starting torque with sensorless vector control
  • Reduces peak demand charges by operating near unity power factor throughout the speed range
  • Includes ECO fan that provides higher efficiency and reduced losses
  • Includes integrally mounted, multi-pulse isolation transformers to help ensure low line side harmonics and high input power factor which improves asset utilization
  • Includes automatic power cell bypass which helps minimize downtime in your critical applications
  • Offers common modular power cells that are designed for easy removal which minimizes Mean Time to Repair
  • Provides internally powered cooling fans that reduce customer-supplied control power requirements
  • Includes intuitive, easy to use color touchscreen HMI
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