High-Precision Ball Splines


Thomson high-precision ball splines are ideal for high-speed operation in compact spaces such as laboratory automation or semiconductor pick-and-place assembly. They can automate functions that a human might otherwise perform, like opening the cover of a sample jar and pouring it into a test tube.


Thomson precision ball splines are available in lengths up to 12 in. (300 mm); diameters between 0.2 and 1 in. (6 and 30 mm) standard. Larger diameters of 1.5 and 2 in. (40 and 50 mm) are available upon request. They can handle loads up to 1,000,000 Nmm, speeds up to 10,000 rpm, and with precision of ±17 microns with or without flanges.


Thomson also has extensive customization capabilities to tap holes, add step-down assembly for a radial bearing, build in coaxial holds, or provide just about any modifications a user may need to integrate the ball spline unit into their machine.

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