Quizix QX precision metering pumps are designed for pulse-free fluid delivery and receiving. The pumps are ideal for pumping at a constant rate or constant pressure. In addition, they can be used to maintain a constant differential pressure by using inputs from remote pressure transducers. 

   Quizix QX precision pumps offer continuous pulse-free flow or pressure control at the high pressures and temperatures required to optimize critical fluid delivery and extraction applications, including catalyst injection and chromatography.  The pumps are widely used for catalyst R&D, laboratory scale micro-plants, pilot plants and other applications where precision flow rates or volumetric measurements are critical such as rubber, plastics, refined fuels, chemicals (basic, intermediate, synthetic, specialty) and pharmaceuticals.

   The Quizix QX design results from Chandler’s extensive design and engineering experience with high-precision meeting pumps. Its patented technology offers the ability to operate at elevated pressures without compromising volumetric flow or pulse-less fluid delivery. The QX pump has a two-cylinder design for continuous pulse-free pumping of fluid with each cylinder able to operate independently for intermittent pumping of two different fluids. Five models are available with pressure ranges up to 20,000 PSI.

   QX pumps also are very easy to operate. Complete control of the pump is available with the PumpWorks software and a computer or through an optional front panel touch screen display. Easy-to-understand user interfaces monitor the detailed status of the pump, including piston positions and direction, valve positions, flow rate, pressure, cylinder volume and cumulative volume pumped. The pump can be programmed to deliver a specified amount of fluid or operate for a specified period of time and then repeat the cycle as many times as required.

• Pulse-free fluid delivery

• Easy to operate

• Pressure ranges up to 20,000 PSI
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