High-Precision RU2 Fuel MGMT Grinder


Landis-Bryant RU2 Fuel MGMT grinder is capable of grinding the most complex components for fuel systems, valve and drive trains, bearings, aerospace, and medical applications. It utilizes a dual slide arrangement in Z that can accommodate up to 6 grinding spindles. RU2 grinder is ideal for process operations such as bore, seat, and face. Its granite expoxy bed includes a thermal stability system to monitor the temperature, and together with optional adaptive thermal compensation, provide the ultimate thermal stability. Machine has the capability of handling parts up to 14 in. in diameter and 7 in. in length.



  • Multi-slide possibilities in both X and Z axis with multiple work heads, wheel heads, and dressing systems
  • Stiff hydrostatic round-bar guideway system
  • Can be configured as chucker, shoe centerless, and center-type systems
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